This page seeks to provide health information for teenagers


You can talk to a nurse or doctor in confidence, we are not allowed to tell. However, if we believe you are in danger, we may have to tell someone. We would normally try and explain to you why we have to tell before we do. To see and treat you by yourself, we need to be sure you can understand the treatment or advice we are giving you.

You can confidentially book an appointment, or ring us any morning . The receptionist will usually ask you for the reason for your call. This is so we can prioritise the most serious problems first. If you do not want to say, just say "it's personal".

HPV vaccination

There is a national campaign to immunise young women against HPV. Human Papilloma Virus has been linked to cervical cancer. Some girls are being immunised at school. . If you have not yet started a course, please contact our Pratice Nurse to discuss things.

Chlamydia Testing

We are offering chlamydia testing to all our patients under 25. The test is very simple. You will be asked to provide a self-taken vaginal swab for women or a 'pee in a pot' urine test for men. There will be no need to be examined!

Don't be concerned if we offer it to you, we are offering it to everyone under 25! Go here further information about chlamydia.

Teen boys' health

Check out this website whch is packed with useful information for teenage boys.

Teen girls' health

Check out this website whch is packed with useful information for teenage girls.

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We are a 1 partnered and 2 salaried GP practice. Over the years general practice has changed and the services provided have increased in variety. Although our main function is to provide help when you fall ill, many of our services are aimed at preventing illnesses and catching them in their earliest and most treatable stages.